Raleigh, NC is host to an amazing number of creative events and festivals, one of the biggest being SPARKcon every fall. It is described as "Raleigh's Annual Festival of Creativity" and that creativity sparks from ideaSPARK, to danceSPARK, to geekSPARK, circusSPARK, and on and on till artSPARK. There is a main exhibition and I am honored to say that my recent painting, "Gena" will be displayed, having earned 2nd Prize! The exhibit will be up at VanNess and Fellows from Sept. 5-25, 2014.

Gena DuBose is an aerial artist of incredible strength and grace and I knew from the first time I saw her perform her lyra act, that I wanted to paint her! Her personality and physicality is too beautiful to have her face hidden in my Circus Bestiary series, so I made this one a portrait of her. I hope to paint many more!